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Corsi di Musica

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Corsi di Musica
Corsi di Musica

Are you interested in learning a musical instrument?

Or maybe you already play and are looking to expand your technique and musical knowledge. Music courses cater to different ages, levels and styles. Lessons are private, one-on-one, to ensure you get the personal attention you need to progress.

Music theory and composition courses are designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced musicians. Programs focus on theory, composition, arrangement and performance and, in addition to focusing on learning repertoires, provide an excellent opportunity for the development and exploration of individual improvisation, arrangement and composition and personal.


T. 342 577 9044

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Corsi di Musica

The workshops, online or face-to-face, satisfy the need for articulated training through rich training programs and a teaching method that allows for a rich and complete interaction. Also online, workshop participants will be able to interact with teachers and classmates just as if they were in the classroom: ask questions, ask for explanations and opinions on their projects and they will receive all the resources made available during the workshop.


The aim of the workshops is to transmit the knowledge necessary to best face a study or work path in the field of composition and arrangement. During the lessons, each student, through constant tutoring and interventions by the course tutor, will develop multiple technical qualities and greater awareness in applying compositional and arrangement techniques in pop and jazz.

Corsi di Musica


For over twenty years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with extraordinary musicians, playing in various locations and festivals, creating music, songs, videos and much more.

Thanks to music I have traveled to Europe, taught in public schools and colleges in Great Britain and made friends with countless unknown musicians during my travels. I was born musically in Manfredonia and, subsequently, in Matera and Rome, I also lived in London, where I shared experiences, concerts and recording rooms with colleagues and friends.

When I'm not writing a composition, manipulating an arrangement, recording tracks of some instrument or midi sequences for virtual instruments, I do my best to help others find the same happiness and fulfillment that I have found in my work.

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